Palace of Yun Rau
Level 80
Region Khitai
Zone Chosain Province
Boss Count 2
End Boss Yun Rau
Player Limit 6

Palace of Yun Rau is a 6-man group instance located in Chosain Province.

Difficulty: 4/10

Mandatory skills: Tainted Weapons, Steadfast Faith

Starting Godslayer Mode Edit

The godslayer is triggered during the second phase of the fight. Don't kill the healer, and DPS the boss. While his life is at 90%, the Hard Mode will be triggered.

Strategy Edit

Start with clearing the two trash groups. After that Yun Rau is ready for the first stage of the dungeon.

Pull the boss and start to DPS him down. When Yun Rau begins casting "Yun Fire" everyone must break line of sight, usually running behind cauldrons in the room. Some of the cauldrons will start to pulse with fire damage, and there will be some purple areas that will spawn near Yun Rau on the floor. Be sure you not to stand in either of these AOE effects.

After Yun Rau dies, his personal healer will resurrect him and he will go inside for the second part. You can complete this next stage of the fight in either Normal or Godslayer modes.

Normal Mode:

For beginners, it is recommended you have either two tanks, or two healers with the 'off tank' being someone who can stand up to the healer long enough to take one physical hit ie ranger with sword and shield and some decent HP and armour gear and not DPS. The cold spell's the healer casts are avoidable by dodging behind the non-pulsing red pillars. He will alternate between a spell and a melee hit. Note, this is the healer-kiting method to defeat Yun Rau.

The main tank will simultaneously taunt Yun Rau the moment he goes red and is targetable, and pull him back up the stairs until he is positioned in front of his blue bed. Ideally, the main tank will be facing down the stairs looking at the front door, with Yun Rau facing off against the main tank. This is done for many reasons; firstly, to avoid the pulsing pillar's behind the tank giving the kiter room to move without splash effects affecting their aggro. More importantly, Yun Rau should also be facing the main tank for when he casts 'Frost Whip'. This method is what makes this dungeon the easiest of the Khitai 6-mans. All other players besides the kiter/off tank will be positioned behind Yun Rau. When Yun Rau casts Frost Whip, the main tank will move slightly past Yun Rau's left or right as he is rooted to the spot when casting the spell. Tanks can still DPS when this spell is being cast. Should any other player pull aggro from Yun Rau (he will occassionally turn around to cast netherfrost so watch for it), immediately stop hitting, and if at all possible, move to the front with the main tank to avoid killing off any other team members. Rinse and repeat until Yun Rau is dead, then move on to the healer who is a simple tank and spank.

Godslayer Mode:

Trigger: Godslayer mode is triggered when the boss reaches 90% (and the healer is still alive). Look at his debuff bar and check for the green godslayer icon. When godslayer mode is activated then go and kill the healer.

Alternative: Kite the healer for the entire fight.

After the healer is down, position the boss with front towards the bed. DPS stands behind him just like in Normal Mode.

Yun Rau's abilities:

  • Frost Whip: Frontal Cone Damage(4-6k), Tank should move out of it, by stepping to the side, or moving down to the team.
  • Netherfrost: Ruin cast on random player that must be removed with Steadfast Faith or just run into the AOE fire damage around in the room. If it's not removed the player will die on the next Frostbreaker cast.
  • Taint of the Scholars - Retribute shield: The shield is melee/Physical damage only.Removed with Finely Honed (Rogues). If you see unholy damage from "Taint of the Scholars"  then the shield is not removed.
  • Lesser Regeneration (Heal), remove with Tainted Weapons (Rogues).

Media Edit

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