Central List of Oslo Event information.

Should you find information / videos / images / random facts / etc released that came from the Oslo Event just passed, then by all means, add it to the page.

Oslo Event

Event VideosEdit

45Mins, 5 videos of ENTIRE trip from Oslo @ Mitra's Method (Watch this for all the info recorded from the entire trip!!!)

TTH Demonologist Raid (very good)

Funcom Welcomes people attending

1500 Sets of Armour Video

Funcoms Visions for AoC

Crafting sneak peak

Music sneak peak

Averys Vid

Gamespot Video

Avery's Keep Info Video'Keep'-Info

Quest Video!!

War Cry Character Creation Part 1

Run Down of AoC Part 2

Avery Raiding and Mounts


Text Interviews/InfoEdit

Translated updates from Oslo.

An interview with Quest Designer Joel Bylos

Hands on from Shacknews

Curse Gaming Armour Graphics, Mounted Combat.

Weezer's Mitra Hands On


TTH Class Breakdown Interface Mods, Dynamic Dungeons and Tortage!

Armor Graphics, Animations and Mounted Combat

Funcom Staying True to Lore, Mitras Method

Mitra's Method Oslo Event Report

Oslo Art/ScreeniesEdit

Preview of Collectors Edition Art book

Class Art

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