Orastes is a former priest of Mitra, but he was cast from his order for delving in black magic. He was the one who found Xaltotun's remains in a subterranean temple of Set in Stygia, and the Heart of Ahriman below a temple of Mitra in Tarantia. He, along with Tarascus, Amalric and Valerius, brought Xaltotun back to life with the Heart's magic.

Orastes became Xaltotuns apprentice, learning ancient magic which the world had long forgotten. Orastes learned much evil from Xaltotun, but could never become the powerfull wizard Xaltotun was due to Orastes' ancestors being clean men, free of the taint of black magic. Orastes realised that it was Xaltotun's plan to bring back the ancient kingdom of Acheron, and went to Tarantia to warn Tarascus, Amalric and Valerius. He figured out that the only way they could beat Xaltotun was to steal the Heart of Ahriman back from Xaltotun and use it against him. However, Xaltotun discovered that Orastes was planning to overthrown him, and killed Orastes with some kind of magic dust that choked him.


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