Unless the heavens fall and cruel Hyborian gods says otherwise, the first batch of Open Beta keys will go out in a few hours! Edit

First Come, First Served! Edit

That is right, your first chance to get the coveted Beta spots are soon here, and at first 5000 lucky winners will be chosen. As soon as you get a key you will be able to download the game, but please be aware that the keys are given out in waves. This is done to secure optimal download speeds for the client. Clocking in at almost 13 Gigs, it's a healthy size for any game! The good folks at Fileplanet know through experience how to handle such downloads in an optimal way, and this means that the keys and downloads will go out in batches. As soon as the first batch of 5000 calms down, the second wave will be initiated, and so forth and so on, until all the 50,000 keys are out. So, if you want a spot in the beta and were not lucky first time around, please make sure to check your mail and the Conan Fileplanet mini-site from time to time.

Should you be able to get hold of a key, please be aware that you SHOULD choose the download location which is the closest to you (if on the west coast of USA choose a west coast location etc.). If you start to download on your "first and best" choice, and get a slower than anticipated speed, you should know that cancelling the download means you will be only bumped back in the queue. So, please make sure to check this thoroughly prior to inititing download.

Oh, in conjunction with Fileplanet and IGN we also have some cool prizes and whatnot for you all. More info to come soon!

We wish all of you the best of luck in getting hold of a key, and we hope to see you in Hyboria very soon.

Open Beta Watching Edit

A member of the AoC Wiki community has kindly offered their Ventrilo server as somewhere you can hang out and chat with other like-minded Open Beta hopefuls as they wait for the release of the keys. If you are interested in chatting with said like-minded individuals, then feel free to hop onto the vent.

Vent Specifics Edit

Server -
Port - 8618
No Pass
You will be globally un muted by one of the Vent Admins when you join.

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