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General Information Edit

The Omm AoC Server is a US PvE server

Guilds Edit

For a possibly more up-to-date list try

Death's EmbraceEdit


  • Guild Leader: Kavin
  • Website: (Will be fully functional by end of week)

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Aegis IgnisEdit

  • Guild Leader: Haburi
  • Website:


Ravens FuryEdit

Cimmerian EntourageEdit

Tribes of the NorthEdit

  • Guild Leaders: Paetram and Bran
  • Website: work in progress

Precision StrikeEdit

  • Guild Leader: Henador
  • Website: TBA

Pale RidersEdit

  • Guild Leader: Sizlack
  • Website:




Quality ControlEdit

  • Guild Leader: Blackout
  • Website: N/A yet

The Cult of the SunEdit

Avathar CordaEdit

Receipt Upon DeathEdit

Blades Of The PhoenixEdit

The CabalEdit



  • Guild Leader: Aquarius
  • Website: not wasting time until we hit 80
  • Guild Type: endgame pve

The OoDEdit

Caedes AeternaEdit

  • Guild Leader: Kurul
  • Website: TBA
  • Guild Type: PVE/PVP


Brotherhood of The SpiderEdit

  • Guild Leadership: (Leader) Arevir (Officers) Efren, Loofy, Notleh, Sentrus, Sori, Zapran
  • Website:
  • Guild Type: End Game PvP/PvE


  • Guild Leader: Sesnir
  • Website: tbd
  • Guild Type: Casual/PvE/PvP/Raids



Legio I Sacramentum de CruorisEdit

Shroud of StygiaEdit

  • Guild Leader: Reiatsu
  • Website: Developing
  • Guild Type: PvE

Pale RidersEdit


Lords of KarmaEdit

  • Guild Leader: Larsis / Crildon
  • Website:
  • Guild Type: F&F with focus on building guild city and forming raiding teams.

Nesmean BrotherhoodEdit

Tribe of the Black CircleEdit

The CoreEdit

Black Marsh WarriorsEdit

  • Guild Leader: Hariam
  • Website: TBA
  • Guild Type: Casual PvP/PvE

History Edit

The realm was created on early launch day, 17 May 2008.

Crafter List Edit

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