Olgerd is the former hetman of kozaki of the Zaporoskan River. He left the kozaki and made himself chief of a tribe of Zuagirs who roam the meadowlands around Khauran.

When Constantius had taken controll of Khauran together with Salome, Conan was crucified at a tree outside the city. Olgerd and some of his Zuagirs found Conan and cut him down, bringing him into the tribe. Conan fought with the Zuagirs for seven months, becomming Olgerd's right-hand man. The Zuagir tribe grew strong with Conan as their de facto leader, and Conan managed to gather a force of three thousand soldiers from the former army of Khauran, which had fled from the city under Constantius rule.

Olgerd knew that Conan wanted to raid Khauran, and had promised to do so once they were strong enough. However, when Conan said it was time, Olgerd, in his greed, went back on his promise, seeing other opportunities for the wast army they had gathered. Conan, knowing that he had become the true chief of the tribe, sent Olgerd away into the desert.

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