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A boss in The Main System, appears when placing a carcass however only appears for the quest.

  • Has 3 minions that span every 15-20 seconds during the fight.
  • Does a fear effect on all nearby allies that last approx 5 seconds.
Need to confirm time


Old Emerald
Emerald Croc-hide Belt

Light Armor - Belt

Not Tradable

+39 Max Health
+92.1 Max Stamina
+1.5% Slashing Invulnerability
+1.5% Piercing Invulnerability
+1.5% Crushing Invulnerability
+1.5% Poison Invulnerability
+0.2 Defense Rating

Emerald Teeth Necklace


Not Tradable

+7 Strength
+8.1 Wisdom
+1.3% Cold Invulnerability
+1.3% Fire Invulnerability
+1.3% Electrical Invulnerability
+1.3% Holy Invulnerability
+1.3% Unholy Invulnerability

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