The Holy City of Nithia, also known as the Brass City. It is an ancient city of people who worship Ibis. The city was contemporaneous of the Acheronian Empire. Nithia is protected by white marble walls and huge brass gates, and it takes nine days to travel from the nearest city. The Seven Fountains of Ibis kept the city alive and flourishing at the center of the Nithian Desert. Nithias priest-kings were descended from Atlantean kings. A statue of an incredibly ancient Atlantean god, called Grim, Grey God was kept in the crystal-domed temple of Ibis. It was carved from a pearl twice the size of a mans head. The Acheronian warlord Dhurkhan Blackblade razed the city and claimed the statue, but the priest-kings magic buried it in the ruins of the city, in a sandstorm lasting 23 days. The next three-thousand years the city was nearly forgotten, rememberd only as the fabled City of Brass, which now lie in what became the deserts of eastern Shem.

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