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INTERVIEW: Funcom on the Barbarian Invasion Edit

  • 30th December 2007

Next-gen have a bit of an interview up with Santa Gaute, it's not overwhelming, it's not a mind blowing piece of work set to get your blood boiling. But at least it's better than nothing. Read It Here!

Crygaia AoC Beta Key Giveaway x10 Edit

  • 29th December 2007

It's been a while in updates but this one is a gem, the wonderful people over at CryGaia (the fansite for Funcom's other MMO in development The Secret World) have been given the chance to award 10 lucky users with Beta Keys. The deadline is Jan 20th, so you have some time. But don't take TOO long! Read About It Here.

Friday Update: And the Winner Is... Edit

  • 21st December 2007

It's Friday again, and it's no surprise at all on this update. I mean, X-mas is on our doorstep knocking so you can't expect a lot from Funcom. But at least there are some great entries shown from the Age of Conan contest. See It Here!

Onlinewelten on site at Funcom Edit

  • 19th December 2007

The lads and ladies at Onlinewelten have been able to get some first-hand footage of the development of Age of Conan, with some great previews of things that are in the works. The video is in English so everyone, Watch it Now! has a bit of a sneak-peek at Age of Conan Edit

  • 14th December 2007

There must have been a special summit for the press to play the game, there is yet another Preview of Age of Conan, this time the lovely members have provided some details. Most already known to long term followers, but those new to the game, it's well worth the read. Check It Out Here!

Friday Update: Santa Gaute Is Amused Edit

  • 14th December 2007

Yes, you guessed it. (Or maybe you didn't) another Friday has rolled around and we have another Friday Update. This time it's fresh from Funcom's e-mails and it's some of the submission of entries so far for members to win a trip to Funcon HQ! See the entries from English, German and French.

New LordOrion Interview Edit

  • 13th December 2007

Mondes Persistants has a new interview with LordOrion up (it's in English too) some more info on Beta, Crafting and more! Read It Here

MMOSITE.COM Reader's Choice Award Edit

  • 12th December 2007

MMOSITE.COM are running a readers choice aware for most anticipated game of the year. So do your part and get clicking. Click for Age of Conan Here

Funcom Needs You Edit

  • 12th December 2007

Funcom are looking for translators, are you good at English and any of the 3 following languages? French, German or Spanish? Yes? Then check out this thread on the forums for more information about new jobs!

Age of Conan : Nomination at Edit

  • 10th December 2007

It turns out Age of Conan has been nominated for Most Anticipated Game at's Reader's Choice Awards. And you can vote... If you'd like to help the cause, please proceed to this page and go from there.

Tentonhammer Class Interview #4: Assassin Edit

  • 10th December 2007

Tentonhammer have released another article in their fortnightly class interviews, this time. We get it on the Assassin. read it all here

Mitra's Method: The Year That Was... Edit

  • 7th December 2007

Stephen "weezer" Spiteri has written another fantastic Mitra's Method article. This time talking about "The year that was..." a few brief highlights of what we've seen over the last 12 months. Read the Full Thing Here

Win a trip to Funcom Headquarters! Edit

  • 7th December 2007

Funcom announced today a competition where the main prize is a trip to the Funcom headquarters in Oslo, Norway. You'll get to talk with the developers of Age of Conan, play the game, and hopefully just have an awesome time. If you're feeling creative, you can read up on the competition, rules and prizes here!

Friday Update: Let Me Tell You... Edit

  • 7th December 2007

Another Friday and Another Update. This time it's a new Promo Video, available in 3 Formats. Short, But Sweet

Another ingame trailer Edit

  • 6th December 2007

Another ingame trailer, showing of some of the more gruesome effects in Age of Conan, has been released. You can watch the movie here. The page is in norwegian, but the movie is in english. Interviews Funcom's Erling Ellingsen at Dreamhack Edit

  • 2nd December 2007 have interviewed Funcom's Erling Ellingsen at Dreamhack, quizzing them and getting some of the latest goss straight from the horses mouth. Watch them here!

Clan of Conan #12 Edit

  • 30th November 2007

Clan of Conan #12 has been released, with a feature on Mounted combat! There's also some new screenshots, a small movie and some info on a couple of enemies as well as a new location. Read it now!

Dev Diary #4 Edit

  • 27th November 2007

Funcom have posted Dev Diary #4. Some tidbits on NPC AI and a little bit of general info. Short, but as always. Oh So Sweet. Watch It Here

Friday Update: Updates Updates Updates Edit

  • 23rd November 2007

This Friday we have another update, lots of updates! Funcom have invited THOUSANDS of more players to General Beta, we have two new screenshots, and even a new SURVEY! Find it all Here!

Tentonhammer Conqueror Interview Edit

  • 22nd November 2007

Tentonhammer have released their next installment in the Class Interviews with Funcom, this time on the Conqueror! Read up on it here!

Friday update: Postcards from Beta #2 Edit

  • 16th November 2007

This Friday, we get another peek at what the lucky beta-testers are doing. There are some nice screenshots as well :) Read It Here!

New concept art pictures Edit

  • 15th November 2007

The Italian site Lo Scriba Stygiano have gotten their hands on some new, exclusive screenshots!

Age of Conan: Hyborian Stories Edit

  • 12th November 2007

Funcom have started up a Hyborian Stories section on the German site, a letter from Crische Darcertor to King Conan, from Barachan Isles. Read It Here!

QJNET AoC Interview with Jorgen Tharaldsen Edit

  • 12th November 2007

QJNET have a nice interview regarding the status and progress of Age of Conan. If you have a few minutes, Read it Here!

Guardian interview Edit

  • 12th November 2007

Tentonhammer have released the next class interview. This time on the Guardian, you can Read it Here!

Friday Update: Making Keaira Edit

  • 9th November 2007

Another Fantastic Friday Update is out, this time on the gorgeous Keaira, King Conan's sexy thief ally. Want to know how she was made? Then Read it Here!

Age of Conan status interview: Part 2 Edit

  • 7th November 2007

The second part of RPG Vault's interview with Gaute Godager is out. This time it's more focused on what's being done right now with regards to development, and what the plans are until release. Check it out!

Age of Conan status interview Edit

  • 5th November 2007

RPG Vault over at IGN has made an interview with Gaute Godager, the game director of Age of Conan. The interview is mostly summing up great features about Age of Conan. You can read it here!

Clan of Conan #11 Live Edit

  • 2nd November 2007

Funcom have released Clan of Conan #11, full of goodies. Including information on the Character Development, Excorant, Yarekma and More ! Read the Full thing Here!

Dark Templar interview Edit

  • 30th October 2007

TenTonHammer has made an interview with Jørgen Tharaldsen, product director for Funcom, about the Dark Templar class. Check out the interview here!

Friday Update: Postcards from Beta #1: Silly Hats Only Edit

  • 26th October 2007

Another Friday, Another Update. With General Beta now definitely active. We've been given a few lovely glimpses into Age of Conan, with four screenies from the most recent build. Check it Out!

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