Transcript of Dev Panel (TTH) Edit

  • 30th January 2008

Tentonhammer have provided a Dev Panel Transcript on a few hot topics, Stealth, Spellweaving Female Characters and a little bit on loot! Read it here now!

Letter from the Game Director Edit

  • 21st January 2008

In this, Game Director Gaute Godager discusses the latest developments surrounding Age of Conan and the reason for the new delay. Read the Letter Here

Funcom announces delay till May 20th Edit

  • 21st January 2008

Funcom have announced another delay until the 20th May, 2008. So for those who want quick maths, that's another 8 weeks. Rebook your leave time! Read the Announcement Here

Curse on Raiding, Cheetah 2 and PvP Edit

  • 19th January 2008

Another article from Curse, with some more details on yet more features from Age of Conan. Cheetah 2 by far sounds to be the biggest improvement to the game. Read it here.

Curse on Crafting, Class Removal, City Building Edit

  • 19th January 2008

Curse have a new editorial up regarding Age of Conan and a few features. This is as a result of the recent Press visit to Funcom HQ. Read it here.

Age of Conan - New Website Edit

  • 17th January 2008

Funcom have released a new funky, stylish and very marketable website. Fully flash enabled so I hope you flash installed!! Be in awe of the awesomeness

Age of Conan Collectors edition contents revealed Edit

  • 10th January 2008

Funcom has revealed the contents of the Age of Conan Collector's Edition at CES 2008. Ten Ton Hammer has a small article on what you can expect, as well as a picture of the cover. Check it out!

Funcom visits CES 2008 Edit

  • 9th January 2008

Funcom are at CES this year and the information is just starting to trickle out. To catch the latest information available on this. Watch This Page

Tentonhammer Class Interview: Barbarian Edit

  • 7th January 2008

It's been several weeks in coming, but we now have the latest Class Interview this time on the Barbarian! Read the it here!

AoC wins MMORPG.COM award for Most Anticipated Game Edit

  • 4th January 2008

MMORPG.COM have tallied the results and the awards have been given, with Age of Conan receiving Most Anticipated Game of the Year. You can see the full details of this award and how close a final result it was here.

Eurogamer, Questioning Conan Edit

  • 2nd January 2008

Eurogamer have just come out with a juicy tidbit of an article the other day. After the Xmas break it's good to have some new news come out finally. So get cracking and read on

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