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Nemedia is the rival nation of Aquilonia, and depends on Aesir mercenaries for their defence. Nemedia lies east of Aquilonia and south of Cimmeria in the magical realm of Hyboria.

The Nemedians are strong followers of the god Mitra. They've sent out numerous missionaries to other regions of Hyboria to spread the teachings of Mitra. Although they had almost given up on some of the more savage people, towards the end of the Hyborian age one priest ventured to teach one of the most savage races about the God.

The Geography of Hyboria
North Vanaheim - Asgard - Hyperborea - Cimmeria - Border Kingdom - Brythunia
South Black Kingdoms - Zembabwei - Vendhya - Kosala - Kush - Darfar - Keshan
Punt - Stygia - Iranistan
East Kambuja - Khitai - Uttara Kuru - Meru - Kusan - Hyrkania
West Zingara - Pictish Wilderness - Argos - Aquilonia - Ophir - Nemedia - Shem
Koth - Khoraja - Corinthia - Khauran - Zamora - Turan

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