Summon-able Pets for the Necromancer

The necromancer has the ability to summon a variety of undead minions, or pets. Pets are available on a point-based system. The higher a necromancer's level, the more points available to expend. At level 5, 10, 15, and 20, a necromancer has 2, 4, 6, and 8 points available respectively. It is also possible to increase the number of points available to expend by learning and using the "One With Death" feat. The "One With Death" feat gives the necromancer one more pet point to expend after each application at the cost of 887 HP, and the effect can be stacked up to three times.

Each pet costs a certain number of points. Since the summoning system is point-based, the necromancer can choose any type of minion to summon no matter what type, as long as points are available. Thus, a necromancer might choose to summon a Mutilator and two Reapers for a 5 point cost, as long as points are available.

There are three main types of undead servants: Undead Minions, Deathless Acolytes, and Dread Archmage. Typically all of the creatures of a particular type will have similar attacks. For example, all of the Undead Minions use melee attacks. The difference between different types of creatures is significant because of the feat tree. Different feats that are learned might apply bonuses or affect only certain categories of undead servants. For example, the "Grim Hunger" feat affects the attacks of the Deathless Acolyte and Dread Archmage minions, but does not affect Undead Minions at all.

The pets available are as follows:

Name Level Available Point Cost Minion Type
Mutilator 5 1 Undead Minion
Corruptor 20 1 Undead Minion
Blighted One 25 1 Undead Minion
Magus 30 2 Deathless Acolyte
Necrotic Bomb 35 1 Undead Minion
Arcanist 45 2 Deathless Acolyte
Harvester 45 1 Undead Minion
Life-Stealer 50 1 Undead Minion
Reaper 60 2 Deathless Acolyte
Archmagus 65 4 Dread Archmage
Blood Arcanist 80 4 Dread Archmage

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