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Permitted Races
Undead minions
Can trade health for mana

Necromancers summon and command the undead and they are legion. Their ghoulish minions are capable of tearing men apart or casting their own death magic. The rotten corpses of the dead follow, wherever the necromancer leads. Evil and twisted Necromancers bring the cursed and dead back from beyond the mortal realm to do their bidding.

The dark magic wielded by necromancers ranges from the unholy to pestilent corruption and the freezing touch of death. Through careful study they can develop the ability to call corpses from the earth to rise up and surround a foe or even attain lichdom, turning themselves into terrifying undead archmages.

The master of unholy magic, the Necromancer animates the dead and corrupts the living. Looking down on the Demonologist for needing to strike bargains for power, the Necromancer needs no such crutch, relying on their own mastery of death to dispatch their enemies.

Additional InformationEdit

The Necromancer's pet summoning is based on a point system. The Necromancer can accrue up to 8 "pet points" by level 20. The Necromancer can also increase their pet points via One With Death gained from feat that stacks up to three times. However, each application costs -50% to all invulnerabilities. At most, the Necromancer will then have 11 pet points, which may be allotted to summoning pets of different levels of power. For instance, a high-level necromancer character can use all eleven points to summon eleven minions as pets, or the they may summon four (five with 2x One With Death) low-level magic pets that cost two points each or two Arch-level magic pets costing 4 points each. Different pets will have different functions. In addition to doing damage they have abilities to drain stamina or mana, inflict extra unholy damage, heal the Necromancer (and party), boost the damage of the Necromancer (and party), AoE spells or more. The Necromancer may have more than 11 creatures out at one time, because of additional abilities that create temporary units which live on a timed life (i.e. Frozen Hate Beasts, and Parasitic Skulls).

A Necromancer that focuses heavily in the Nightfall feat tree can actually be compared to a Demonologist, doing a bit less damage but being notably more durable given the various self healing abilities the Necromancer can obtain either directly or through their pets, along with a comparable number of crowd control abilities involving slowing, freezing or scaring away their enemies. The feat Spell - Despoil the Soul in particular grants spells to turn on and off sacrificing pet points for strong boosts to your magic damage output, when maxed with all 8 points the Necromancer's attack spells are effectively pound-for-pound matches to those of the Demonologist. A Necromancer in this state is said to be Despoiled, or in Despoiled Mode.

Necromancers, using tactics very unique to them, can also be surprisingly adept at soloing bosses with slightly different strategies needed for each type. For Melee bosses you need to make good use of the Necromancer's Root and Slowing abilities. All mage Root abilities in the game like the Necromancer's Frost Blast or a Demonologist Storm Chains instantly break when an additional Hostile attack spell is cast on the rooted target. However, melee attacks from the Necromancer pets do NOT break a Root and since enemy NPCs always beeline for the Necromancer instead of his or her pets they won't get killed. A Necromancer can start off at long range from a boss pounding it with whatever they please, Root them when they get in range (likely with Frost Blast), move back and get more range without attacking while their pets let rip into the boss for the entire duration of the Root, and by the time it breaks the Boss should be wounded enough that the Necromancer can just finish it with a flat out slugfest, or simply Slow the boss down with something like Ice Shackles or Freeze and keep dancing out of attack range while the pets do the work. Note, for Melee bosses you are still highly unlikely to be able to solo a Heavy Boss (the second tier) due to them having so much health that they will be able to catch up to you and hit you past when your Root and Slowing abilities last.

For a ranged boss, especially a mage-type, if you can find some kind of obstacle nearby that is big enough to put you out of the boss's sight and keep you out when he comes chasing you, like a large rock, pillar, etc, and therefore would also block his ranged shots it is even easier. Just get the fight started and get your pets on the boss then keep circling around the obstacle, keeping yourself out of their line of fire, and occasionally popping off an Instant Cast damage spell when you can. A Mage type boss that starts casting a spell at you will continue the entire casting animation and not fire the spell if you move behind the obstacle while they are casting. Think of it as a game of cat-and-mouse, and the mouse with his friends wins.

All in all, you'll find this ability of using your pets to inflict reasonable constant damage on an enemy while you are out of range, out of sight, and constantly moving or even running to be very handy again and again (or just sit still and blast them with spells at the same time), making the Necromancer very adaptable to quite a large number of situations.

Preview Edit

Necromancers bring the cursed and the dead back from beyond the mortal realm to do their bidding. The true power of the Necromancer is two-fold. With mastery of necromantic magic, they animate the dead and corrupt the living. This is complimented by their ability to marshal the freezing winds of death itself and deal devastating cold, on those who would cross their path. Thus the icy touch of death is instilled in everything the Necromancer does and they have a wide variety of spells and magic to call upon.

Spells like ‘Flesh to Worms’ and ‘Pestilential Blast’ deal painful and disturbing damage to their targets while ‘Gelid Bones’ and ‘Ice Strike’ use deathly cold to deal their damage. The power of death itself provides the Necromancer with this tainted arsenal and their ability to manipulate it to their benefit is unsurpassed.

Not content with simply smiting their foes, the Necromancer can also use their dark arts to boost their allies. Spells like ‘Runed Flesh’ allow the Necromancer's team to absorb some damage, while ‘Bone Ward’ increases the Necromancer's defenses.

Finally, the Necromancer may also command the dead, themselves. Tearing the corpses of the fallen from the ground and animating them to their own intentions, the Necromancer can summon forth a series of twisted cadavers to do their bidding.

With the ability to summon various types of creatures including Undead Minions, Deathless Acolytes and Dread Archmage, the Necromancer can ensure that their minons are at hand to deal with any enemies that get too close.

Like much of the magic in Age of Conan, the abilities of these mages are greatly enhanced by their later abilities. For example, the pinnacle of their power - Tome of Epithur, provides a boost to their ‘Ice Strike’ and ‘Deathly Blizzard’ spells while active, triggering an additional freeze effect. Likewise, their ‘Pestilential Blast’ and ‘Blasphemous Ruin’ spells benefit from an additional ‘Gangrenous Touch’ effect. It also increases the amount of health returned when their Lifeleech spell is cast and any attacks against the Necromancer while it is active have a chance of applying a healing effect on the caster. At the same time, the ability grants additional cold and unholy damage to the caster's team.

Their mastery over death means that Necromancers are among the most feared practitioners of magic on the battlefield. Their icy grasp and command of undead mean that they are a threat not to be taken lightly.[1]

Game Description Edit

The air around Necromancers chills as they spread their corruptive and devastating magic. Necromancers can raise the dead and command them to do their bidding and wield the cold and unholy sorceries of the grave.



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Priest Priest of Mitra - Tempest of Set - Bear Shaman
Soldier Conqueror - Dark Templar - Guardian
Rogue Barbarian - Ranger - Assassin
Mage Herald of Xotli - Demonologist - Necromancer

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