The Goddess of Punt. She has a shrine within a skull-shaped temple somewhere in southern Punt. Inside this temple is a statue of Nebethet, which consists of a perfect female body made of ivory with a skull for a head. The people of Punt come to her for advice, since she is supposedly all-knowing. Conan eventually visits this temple in The Ivory Goddess along with his mate, Muriela. Soon after, Nebethet takes possession of Muriela's body, forces the King of Punt to make a new statue of her in Muriela's image, orders Conan away and keeps Muriela as her priestess.

Nebethet, the Ivory Goddess of Punt, is worshipped primarily there, although some Shemitish scholars equate her with Derketo. She is also known as the Queen of Darkness and Mistress of the Night.

Her traditional image is of a voluptuous woman with the head of a skull, although recent visitors to the shrine report that the original statue has been replaced by one appearing more human.

The Shrine of Nebethet is a round, domed temple located leagues east of Kassali. The white marble shrine is designed to look like a giant silver skull. The people of Punt come to her for advice, since she is supposedly all-knowing and gives spoken omens through her image.

Nebethet is dual in nature, worshipped as the bringer of both darkness and light. In her dark aspect, she brings death and must be placated with sacrifice. In her beneficial aspect, she is worshipped as a bringer of wealth, materialized by the ivory and gold which the Puntish people have been blessed with in abundant quantities.

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