Mystical Bane
Mystical bane
Available to Dark Templar

Weapon Types Used One-Handed Sword
One-Handed Blunt

Cooldown 12 seconds
After striking with a Mystical bane combo, for a brief time the dark templar's attacks have a chance of triggering a mana restoration effect on themselves.

The dark templar strikes his target, instantly removing mana. Each attack afterwards has a chance of restoring the dark templar's own mana. The strike can be improved with the Dissipate Ether feat to increase the mana removed, and with the Incinerate Ether feat to cause unholy damage.

Levels Edit

Icon Combo Level Mana removed (at level obtained) Required Level Follow Up Attacks Stamina Cost (at level obtained)
Mystical bane 1 36 17 2(Mid) 11
Mystical bane 2 127 28 1(UL) - 2(Mid) 154
Mystical bane 3 3 209 44 3(UR) - 1(UL) - 2(Mid) 315

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