Mods are accomplished with modifying the XML files of the interface that are intentionally exposed for these types of mods. One problem with modding this way is that if the version number in the modded file doesn't match the clients current version the game will refuse to use the mod and show a dialog in game. This is to prevent new functionnality from not being applied because people using old mods. This has the affect of forcing people to update their mods any time the client is updated. It is possible to manually update the version number of files, but it isn't recommended, especially for novice users.

Knowing this if you want to update your files, you must replace the revision number inside the XML files. The XML files are always in cd_image\Gui\Customized\ .

Look for the the line:

where, XXXXX is the revision number. It is usually the second line of the file.

The latest version number is 51882.

To find out what the correct revision number is, you have to check the exact same file inside cd_image\Gui\Default\. These are the default Age of Conan GUI layout files.


Lets say you want to change the revision number of your customized BottomBar.xml because at loading time the game tells you that it's out of date.

In this case, you go to cd_image\Gui\Default\Views\HUD, open BottomBar.xml, and look at the second line. The revision number is the number you can find between $Change: and the next $ sign.

Now you go to cd_image\Gui\Customized\Views\HUD\, open BottomBar.xml, find the second line again, and replace the number with the new revision number. Save the file and you are good to go!

Another option is to download a tool to patch all the XML files. The program is called AoC Custom UI Patcher and it will patch all the XML files to the current version.

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