The Mill of Blood is a temple in Meroe, capitol of Kush, dedicated to the worship of Bente.

The Mill of Blood is a round building standing aproximately 60 feet tall. The base is surrounded with steps, although only one entrance exists. The inside is one large circular room. Following the walls around the room perimeter is a variety of statues depicting various violent and grotesque scenarioes.

In the middle of the room stands a beautifully sculptured, almost picteresque, statue, depicting Bente clad in heavily ornamented, jewel encrusted, armor and clothing.

From the base of the statue, and along the floor, emerges five tall marble steps in a star-like shape, with the statue of Bente as center. At the base of these steps run stone-carved gutters that disappear through holes in the base of the statue. The steps still bear the mark of once being ivory white, but has been dyed red from blood by all the sacrifices and violent rites performed here through time.

"Drawn by a morbid fascination, he re-entered the Mill of Blood and stared up again at the motionless figure of Bente who was worshipped as a goddess, entranced by her frigid beauty. What cryptic secret was locked in that marvelously molded form?"

Robert E. Howard, "The Goddess in Meroe"

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