The capital of Kush is Meroe, which was founded in a grassy plain in the middle of Kush. The city of Meroe is where narrow-featured, dusky-skinned, aristocratic caste, descendents of Stygian adventurers rule. Teakwood and mahogany palaces with thick walls are where they rule from and where they worship Set. Beyond these walls lies the Outer City, inhabited by the black-skinned native castes, despised and subjugated by the aristocracy. The brawny men and statuesque women of Kush live in thatched mud huts and their marketplace economy consists of trade in pottery, hammered brass, spearheads and banana beer. Tribute is exacted from them by the Black Spearmen the backbone of the ruling castes army. The lower castes swear by the swear by the snaky locks of Derketa, Queen of the Dead, and they worship at the temple of Juliah.

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