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DT Spells Martyrdom (Rank 1)
Class Dark Templar

Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 1.5 seconds

Recast 8 seconds
Effect Variable damage to self
Martyrdom effect to group

Duration 9 seconds
The dark templar sacrifices a fountain of their own blood, infusing both themselves and their brethren with unnatural regeneration for a brief time.

Note: Below chart is at level 80. The damage inflicted and regen values will vary on your level.

Rank Mana Cost Level Damage Regen
1 20 ?? 503 27
2 30 ?? 776 43
3 40 ?? 968 57
4 55 ?? 1004 64
5 65 ?? 866 64

Also Note: The amount of health sacrificed is increased and new forms of regeneration are added if you train the feats Improved Martyrom or Sacrificial Fury

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