Mark of the Devourer

Class Necromancer

Targeting Mode Hostile Spell
Range 25
Casting Time 0.3 seconds
Attack Rating Magic Rating (Unholy)
Recast 2 seconds
Effect Heals 8

27-34 points of unholy damage on target

Effect over time 27-34 points of unholy damage on target every 5 seconds

Heals 8 every 10 seconds

Duration 61 seconds
This spell curses the target, periodically inflicting a small amount of unholy damage. The necromancer periodically gains a small amount of health while this curse is active. Over tme the damage from this, and all other active Marks of the necromancer, will gradually increase.

In the current version of the patch (1.04), the damage from this spell increases every 15 seconds.

Patch 1.05 Changes Edit

This spell will be changed to emphasize its healing capabilities. The duration will be cut to 30 seconds. Mark of the Devourer will increase in power every 7 seconds rather than every 15 seconds. The healing power of the ability will be increased; healing will occur every 6 seconds rather than every 10 seconds and the amount of healing gained will be increased. Additionally, if the DOT runs its entire duration, the caster will receive a significant heal.

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