Mammoth img

A mammoth.

War Mammoth

War Mammoth


Not Tradable
Can Only Have One
Effect - -3% Sprinting Stamina Drain
-40 Staggering Chance
+400 Knockback Resistance
+800 Max Health

Summons your mammoth mount.

Colossal elephant-like beasts, mammoths are creatures clad in shaggy brown fur, with curved tusks as long as a man is tall. These beasts roam the lands of Nordheim in herds, hunted by the Vanir and the Aesir for food, fur and precious ivory. While the fur can be used as blankets and armor, the tusks are made into weapon handles or ivory jewelry, and mammoth meat will feed a clan for some time, purely because there is so much of it on even a single animal. In battle, a mammoth is a fearsome foe, often requiring the strength and skill of many warriors to bring the beast down. Their thick, hairy hides are armored against sword slashes and spear plunges alike, and between their great strength and lethal tusks, an enraged mammoth is more than capable of killing a group of careless hunters. Even peppered with a dozen arrows, such creatures will fight on, trampling the men that seek to kill them or goring them with their tusks. It takes all of the strength Crom gave a man at birth to stand and face a rampaging mammoth, with the ground shaking under a warrior’s feet and a gruesome death awaiting if he falls under the beast’s legs or is impaled on the creature’s tusks. Some warriors among the Vanir and their Ymirish leaders have a different use for the mammoths they come across in the frozen wilds of Nordheim. These huge animals are shackled and enslaved, either through mundane means or Ymirish sorceries, and used as beasts of war, driven into battles in order to dishearten their foes before being unleashed to crush them. In the Eiglophian Mountains, mammoths roam the wilds, and recent rumors tell of a blood-furred beast striking fear into the hearts of Cimmerian hunters. In the Border Kingdoms, mammoths are not only scattered through the wild but also serve as battle-mounts for the soldiers of the bandit-king Atzel. In the past, the northern warlord Grimnir Stormbringer has ridden into battle atop a war-mammoth. In any conflict between the Vanir and the Cimmerians, mammoths have inflicted horrendous casualties against the Cimmerian defenders. Mammoths are specialized in the destruction of the walls, so they will be good to use in siege battles when you need to bring down the walls around the keep to the enemy. Another mount that will be good in siege battles is the rhinoceros.

The War MammothEdit

These gargantuan beasts, mounted by skilled riders, strides across the blood-soaked fields as mighty battleships set to conquer some unknown harbor. A vital instrument in any siege attack, a War Mammoth may very well determine the outcome of a battle. Employing these beasts in your attack means that you can break down walls and damage buildings even without using traditional siege weapons. Players can acquire and ride their own War Mammoth into battles throughout the Border Kingdom. At launch, the only way to obtain such a beast is to pre-order the game at select retail chains where it is on offer. This is one of many In-game Promotions.

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