Details below are purely made up and not indicative of actual quests, it is merely an example.

Quest Name: Level Available: Starting NPC: Finishing NPC: Rewards for Completion:
Quest Name Example 1 NPC name NPC name 100 XP • [Ninus' Stave]
Requires : questname : You will need to go to night-time and travel to location
Quest Name Example 1 another NPC name another NPC name additional 4000 XP • [Frostwrought Falchion]
Remember to climb a ladder behind the NPC in order to proceed.

Talk to Sharak 30 Sharak Sharak [Spiritual Ring]
Head to Kopshef Province and enter the Blessed Cave (requires 100 climbing). Inside, you'll need to collect 3 lotuses from the ground. Once complete, head up the right most path to kill the mini-boss mage and use that altar with teh strapped body. Now go to the far left path and kill the demon boss. Once complete, head to the altar that is now open behind you and take the Phoenix piece. Jump in the water to leave.

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