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A mage casting a spell.


Concept Art picture of a Mage in Age of Conan

The Mage archetype is based around inflicting damage. While they're all able to do magical damage, their primary method of dealing damage varies, from the Herald of Xotli doing primarily melee damage, to the Necromancer which animates the dead to provide powerful pets. Mages wear either cloth armor or silk armor, so they are unable to withstand much direct conflict, however classes like the Herald of Xotli are able to fuse with the bones of the dead, which gives them great physical strength to withstand melee damage, and deal some themselves.

All the mage classes draw their powers from dark sources, whether demonic or undead. While this enables them to dish out huge amounts of damage, it comes with a price. Through spellweaving, the mages are able to bind together spells to create more powerful attacks. However, the more powerful their spell becomes, the larger is the chance of ill-effects as a result of spellweaving.

Only Stygian and Khitan players can play the Mage archetype.

Mage classes Edit

Priest Priest of Mitra - Tempest of Set - Bear Shaman
Soldier Conqueror - Dark Templar - Guardian
Rogue Barbarian - Ranger - Assassin
Mage Herald of Xotli - Demonologist - Necromancer

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