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Lumbering Hulk
Rank 0/3
10 points spent in this line

Grants the conqueror an ability which for a short time increases life regeneration and damage inflicted by attacks but reduces movement speed.

Description Edit

Sometimes battles are decided by attrition, foes standing toe-to-toe until one falls. By sacrificing mobility a Conqueror increases their damage, their health and regeneration.

30 sec. duration
25 sec. cooldown
Instant cast
Cost: 10% of your current stamina
Scale 110 (increases size)
+35% Hinder Movement

(the following is not confirmed - x & y appear to scale with level)
with 1/3 in Lumbering Hulk - +x Damage (melee), no Natural Health Regen
with 2/3 in Lumbering Hulk - +2x Damage (melee), +y Natural Health Regen
with 3/3 in Lumbering Hulk - +3x Damage (melee), +2y Natural Health Regen

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