Leech Life
Leech life
Available to Dark Templar

Weapon Types Used One-Handed Sword
One-Handed Blunt

Effect Inherited weapon attack
Cooldown 10 seconds
Increases the amount of life-force the dark templar receives whenever they are feeding off the wounds inflicted on the enemies with a lifetap ability.

Applies a lifetap buff to the dark templar that returns damage inflicted back as health. Lasts 15 seconds. Can be improved with the Devourer's Might feat to increase DPS.

Levels Edit

Icon Combo Level Lifetap Required Level Follow Up Attacks Stamina Cost (at level obtained)
Leech life 1 +4.8% 5 2(Mid) 21
Leech life2 2 +5.3% 24 2(Mid) 67
Leech Life3 3 +7.2% 40 1(UL) - 2(Mid) 162
Leech Life4 4 +8.8% 56 3(UR) - 2(Mid) 218
Leech Life5 5 +10.6% 64 E(LR) - 1(UL) - 2(Mid) 338
Leech Life6 6 +11.7% 80 Q(LL) - 3(UR) - 2(Mid) 360

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