Battlekeeps will have periods when they are open to challenges. A period of time when another guild can declare their intent to try and take the keep! We realise its not fun or practical to force players to be on alert twenty four hours a day so this system ensures that you will be given the chance to prove your are worthy of holding the keep by smiting those who would have the audacity to challenge your right to own the keep!

Would be attackers can declare their intention to issue just such a challenge by building a war tent outside the keep in question. This is performed by those with the Lord prestige class and will require resources to complete. It is important that it isn’t something a single player can do on a whim!

The defenders then have a period to arrange their defence and the attackers to muster their forces! Then the bloody zeal of combat commences and you are thrust into an epic battle for control of the keep, stone and fire will rain down from above as walls are torn down and buildings razed to the ground around the frenzied combat between your troops as the attackers try and bring the keep to its proverbial knees!

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