Kyllikki's Crypt
Level 80
Hatchepsut picture003
Region Cimmeria
Zone Field of the Dead

Player Limit 24

Kylikki's Crypt is the home of an ancient undead Mage named Kyllikki. This is the first end-game dungeon in terms of progression followed by the remaining Tier 1 dungeons, Yakhmar's Cave and Vistrix's Lair. Map to Kylikki's Crypt

Loot Table Edit

Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Full Plate Items
Trash Loot [Belt of Dark Terror] [Girdle of Illuminant Conviction]
[Girdle of Violent Rage]
[Girdle of Jagged Barbs] [Girdle of the Triumphant]
[Girdle of Black Spite]
[Girdle of the Valiant]
Champion of the Honorguard [Arm-straps of Deadly Guile]
[Padsoles of Deadly Guile]
[Boots of Dark Terror]
[Armbands of the Ecliptic]
[Boots of the Ecliptic]
[Armbands of Dark Terror]
[Armbands of Violent Rage]
[Boots of the Cloudcleaver]
[Boots of Violent Rage]
[Boots of Vernant Fury]
[Boots of Jagged Barbs]
[Boots of the Triumphant]
[Armguards of the Triumphant]
[Armguards of the Valiant]
[Boots of the Valiant]
Kyllikki [Tunic of Deadly Guile]
[Bracers of Deadly Guile]
[Shatush of the Ecliptic]
[Bracers of the Ecliptic]
[Bindings of Dark Terror]
[Bracers of Dark Terror]
[Bracers of Ardent Fire]
[Bindings of Ardent Fire]
[Achiton of Illuminant Conviction]
[Bracers of the Cloudcleaver]
[Harness of Violent Rage]
[Bracers of Violent Rage]
[Bracers of Illuminant Conviction]
[Jerkin of Vernant Fury]
[Bracers of Vernant Fury]
[Harness of Jagged Barbs]
[Bracers of Jagged Barbs]
[Chestguard of the Triumphant]
[Vambraces of the Triumphant]
[Chestguard of Black Spite]
[Vambraces of Black Spite]
[Chestguard of the Valiant]
[Vambraces of the Valiant]

Trash Edit

  • Hand Guard - Minions that do not have nearly as much health as the other creatures in Kylikki's Crypt, although they hit just as hard.
  • Hand Honor Guard - These creatures have enormous amounts of health and powerful melee attacks.
  • Hand Priest - In addition to attacking players with Smite, they have a healing spell called Emanation of Life.
  • Hand Spell Guard - These powerful Mages cast Ice Strike on their primary target, Gelid Bones and Freeze on other players, and have the ability to teleport and AoE down players.

White Hand Guard Edit

Although they are not marked as minions, they can be easily defeated with the "instantly kill a minion" abilities that specific classes have (Demonologist, Herald of Xotli, Necromancer, Priest of Mitra and Ranger) when specced properly.

Hand Honor Guard Edit

Since these creatures hit hard and have a lot of health, they should be tanked and kited. These creatures, in addition, should be killed last, as the others have abilities that are far more dangerous.

Hand Priest Edit

These creatures cast Emanation of Life in addition to Smiting random players. Because of this, Hand Priests should be killed first.

Hand Spellguard Edit

Since they cast Ice Strike for 2000-2500 cold damage on their primary target, Hand Spellguards should be tanked. Periodically, they will teleport to a random player and then begin channeling an AoE spell which hits for roughly 2000 damage every second for five seconds. When this happens, any nearby players must move away or they will certainly die. Since Freeze and Gelid Bones are unavoidable, the damage they inflict must be healed through.

However, a Priest of Mitra's Holy Cleansing spell will convert the Spellguards AoE spell damage into healing, thus enabling the dps group to stay on him, and kill him first, while the Guard is kited or tanked.

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