Who is Kylikki? Edit

Kyllikki is the final boss in Kyllikki's Crypt. She is a powerful Mage that summons minions to aid her in battle.

Abilities Edit

  • Blizzard - A freezing whirlwind and snow swarms around Kyllikki's Crypt, slowing any players that are hit as well as dealing 650 cold damage per second.
  • Cold Blast - If Kyllikki's current target is out of her melee range, she will blast the entire raid for over 18,000 cold damage.
  • Frost Javelin - This spell is constantly cast on Kyllikki's current target, dealing 2000-2500 cold damage.
  • Minions - Two powerful spirit wolves are summoned and engage nearby players. If they are killed, they will be instantly resummoned.
  • Spell Guards - The coffins in Kyllikki's Crypt shatter, summoning four powerful Spell Guards. The Spell Guards do not move, but they stun nearby players in addition to healing Kyllikki once she is in their range. Kyllikki will move towards the Spell Guards once they are summoned.

Strategy Edit


This spell is very difficult to avoid because of its casting time and speed. As such, Priests will be forced to heal the raid in addition to the tanks.

Cold BlastEdit

Because of this spell's power, it is absolutely imperative that no ranged player aggros Kyllikki.

Frost JavelinEdit

Since it is only cast on Kyllikki's current target, the main tank may want to equip cold resistance gear.


When the spirit wolves are summoned, they should be avoided, kited and tanked. There is no reason to kill them as Kyllikki will simply resummon them.

Positioning Edit

Kyllikki should be tanked in the middle of her crypt and surrounded by the entire raid. When she moves due to the summoning of the Spell Guards, she should be returned to the center of her crypt and surrounded once more.

Spell GuardsEdit

The Spell Guards spawn at the coffins to the left, back and right of the crypt. They are considered minions, and can be killed with mage one-shots and Shatter.  While alive, they will heal Kylikki, so should be killed as soon as possible.


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