Khosatral Khel, a demi-god or demon, was featured in the Robert E. Howard story The Devil in Iron (REH). The demon-god is awakened by the removal of a sacred dagger from the isle of Xapur, a talismen that held it in place it its ruinded city. With Khosatral Khel's rewakning the ancient city begins to re assert itself on the hyborian age-- Pillars fade into exsitence that have long crumbled, and the long dead of Xapur walk again unnerved but unknowing of the unnaturalness of their animation. Conan is of course, unwillingly drawn into the supernatural happenings. Khostral Khel's iron skin proves impervious to all weapons save the dagger that imprisoned him. With the demon-god's destruction the world rights itself, and the civilization of Xapur fades from exsistence once more.

The god is larger than any man but with much the same features of a human, with skin possessing both the color and properties of Iron. Khosatral Khel's strength outmatches even mighty Conan, and has at his disposal reality warping powers , at least on the Isle of Xapur; however said powers are never directly wielded at Conan, but instead seem to passively manifest.

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