The Hyborian deserts contain secrets older than mankind itself. Nowhere is this more evident than in night-haunted Stygia, home to sorcerer-priests who worship the great serpent god Set.

Its cities rise like dusky jewels from the fertile lands on southern banks of the dark river Styx, where slaves are sacrificed every day to slake the hunger of the Great Serpent. Scholars pore through crumbling texts for hints of lost knowledge that lie hidden among the trackless sands. For in Stygia, dark knowledge is the path to true power.

East of the coastal city of Khemi, Khopshef Province boasts no great cities—only fabled ruins recounted in ancient legends and caravan tales. Newcomers arriving in the province at the small village of Bubshur hear stories of a great and ancient pyramid that lies along a tributary of the Styx some distance to the south. Of late, an enigmatic oracle of the Shemite goddess Derketo has braved the haunted lands around the pyramidal tomb and laid claim to a temple structure adjoining the ancient pyramid, where his worshipful followers serve his every whim. What the arrival of this oracle portends and why he chose to settle so close to the mysterious crypt, no one knows. And local fishermen who risk the crocodile-infested waters of the river Styx speak of the bleak island west of Pashtun and the strange ruins located there, said to be a temple dedicated to gods that were old when Atlantis still rode above the waves.

Meanwhile, the people of Khopshef Province pray to their gods and try to go about their lives, mining salt from the flats around the village of Hep-Kab or welcoming the caravans traveling from Medjool Oasis to the south. They keep out of the punishing sunlight at midday and ward their houses against the evils of the night.

But all is not well among the people of the region. The island town of Pashtun, an independent village claimed by neither Stygia nor Shem, has become the hunting ground for a fearsome monster that stalks its citizens each night. Each morning the bloodless corpses of its victims can be found lying along the village’s dusty streets, or empty boats are found drifting in the river’s sluggish current. The village leaders have turned to the oracle, seeking an explanation for the deadly rampage, but he answers them only in riddles.

Now, each evening, as the red sun stains the western sky, the people of Khopshef Province glance furtively downriver and await a hero who will stand between them and the horrors that lurk in the darkness.

Resurrection PointsEdit

Khopshef Province has the following resurrection points:

  • Bubshur (574,1017)
  • The Shadow of the Pyramid (1095,1062)
  • Water's Edge (684,1327)
  • Deep Desert (561,113)
  • Black Castle Valley (1102,343)
  • Caravanserai (616,545)
  • Pashtun (473,1261)

Quests starting in Khopshef Province Edit

Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
The Aberration I + II + IV Black Castle (III) Talk to Ngozi.
All That Remains III Pyramid of the Ancients (I + II) Talk to Shath-Hoten.
Azusena's Revenge I + II - Talk to Azusena.
The Bandit Prince I + II - Talk to Captain Nut after completing Commander Ramartarsi.
A Better Smith II Old Tarantia (I) Talk to Bakr after completing Exoskeleton.
Blood of the Serpent II Khemi (I) Talk to Old Man Naboth after completing A Vision from Set.
Breaking the Spell III Black Castle (I + II) Talk to Thrrkal after completing Reaching Out.
A Bright Idea I - Talk to Captain Menes after completing Eye for an Eye.
The Captain's Warning I + II - Talk to Captain Menes at level 17.
Commander Ramartarsi II Serpent's Head Inn Room 7 (I) Talk to Captain Nut after completing A Lesson Learned.
Conflicting Interests II Black Castle (I) Talk to Seth-Ur.
Derketo's Call I - Talk to Shapatria.
Desert Raiders I + II - Talk to Zahir.
Distant Lands II Conarch Village (I) Talk to Shadure after completing A Question of Conscience.
Ending the Threat I + II - Talk to Semira after completing Where Dead Men Wander.
Exoskeleton I + II - Talk to Bakr after completing The Spider Queen.
Eye for an Eye I + II - Talk to Captain Menes.
Fascinating Faces II Treasury of the Ancients (I) Talk to Ziyadat level 30.
Fear of the Demon III Bubshur House (I + II) Talk to Lieutenant Rami at level 18.
Forbidden Knowledge I + II - Talk to Mencar the Apprentice.
The Forgotten Temple I + II - Talk to Semira.
Heads Will Roll I + II - Talk to Captain Nut after completing The Slave Rebellion.
Hethlon's Vanished Wife I + II - Talk to Hethlon at level 17.
Holding Fear at Bay I + II - Talk to Kayires at level 18.
Ill Will and a Last Meal I + II + III - Talk to the Dying Bandit at level 18.
A Lesson Learned I + II - Talk to Captain Nut after completing Heads Will Roll.
Life and Death I + II - Talk to Mencar the Apprentice.
Lord Atum-Keket III Pyramid of the Ancients (I + II) Talk to Iti.
Lost in the Desert I + II - Talk to Suqada.
The Mastermind II Serpent's Head Inn Room 7 (I) Talk to Captain Nut after completing The Bandit Prince.
The Path to Enlightenment I + II - Talk to Sahureat level 30.
The Perils of Competition I + II - Talk to Cock Handler.
A Pinch of Salt I + II - Talk to Sadeh at level 17.
A Plea for Prophecy I + II + III - Talk to Semira after completing Derketo's Call.
Poisoned Arrows I + II - Talk to Bakr.
Pools of Darkness II Bubshur House (I) Talk to Kayires at level 18.
The Power of the Seasons II Pyramid of the Ancients (I) Talk to Ziyad.
Profit and Loss I + II - Talk to Akbhet at level 30.
A Question of Conscience I + II - Talk to Shadure.
Reaching Out I - Talk to Cthhrakl.
The River Pirates I + II - Talk to Nivenah.
The Roots of the Earth II Treasury of the Ancients (I) Talk to Kayires.
Salt for Silver I + II - Talk to Mutya at level 18.
Securing the Caravan Route I + II - Talk to Gua at level 17.
Shedding Torment I + III + IV Purple Lotus Swamp (II) Talk to Hamadi after completing The Aberration.
The Slave Rebellion I + II - Talk to Captain Nut.
Sneaking Suspicions I + II - Talk to Iti after completing A Plea for Prophecy.
The Spider Queen I + II - Talk to Bakr after completing Poisoned Arrows.
Stygian Superstitions I + II - Talk to Makalani.
The Swindler's Game II Black Castle (I) Talk to Sebak.
The Terror Beneath Bubshur III Bubshur House (I + II) Talk to Betarmes at level 18.
A Token of Trust I + II - Talk to Mutya.
Torn by Guilt I + II - Talk to Kayires after completing Holding Fear at Bay.
Trained Hounds - Conall's Valley (I) Talk to Shadure.
Trapped by Lions I - Talk to Lisimba.
Tribute to Set I + II + III + IV - Talk to Old Man Naboth after completing Blood of the Serpent.
Unrequited Love - Wild Lands of Zelata (I) Examine Virilus' Letter at on his corpse (loc 456, 688).
The Venomous South I + II + III - Talk to Ptah.
A Vision from Set I + II - Talk to Old Man Naboth.
Where Dead Men Wander I + II - Talk to Captain Menes.
Yipping Hyenas I + II - Talk to Caravan Master Tamin.

Quests involving Khopshef Province Edit

NPCs Edit

Name Location Role(s)
Abida (1304.2, 684.8)
Akbhet (1296.9, 668.8)
Alekeep (Bubshur village) (470.2, 976.9)
Alekeep (Caravanserai) (644.4, 600.3)
Amun (1039.1, 919.0)
Anata (556.4, 1023.6)
Anok (634.7, 543.7)
  • Merchant: Fine Food and Drinks
Azusena (543.1, 1050.1)
Bakr (635.5, 589.1)
Betarmes (493.6, 948.7)
Boat Captain Amyr (522.4, 1058.3)
Captain Menes (548.5, 1042.6)
Captain Nut (661.7, 585.5)
Caravan Master Tamin (639.3, 580.5)
Cock Handler (672.7, 565.3
Cthhrakl (375.4, 284.7)
Derekhar TBD
Djoser (501.9, 1013.4)
  • Merchant: Fine Weapons
Dying Bandit (932.2, 1326.7)
Gua (494.6, 977.9)
Haji (499.2, 1011.4)
  • Merchant: Fine Armors
Hopi (680.0, 531.9)
  • Merchant: Fine Armors
Hamadi (656.4, 563.4)
Iti (1237.6, 707.3)
Hethlon (579.6, 976.9)
Kayires (533.8, 991.9)
Kenset (527.9, 97.2)
Krellos (546.0, 106.4)
Lieutenant Rami (514.4, 957.9)
Lisimba (789.5, 979.1)
Makalani (611.8, 579.0)
Mbizi (607.5, 510.7)
Mencar the Apprentice (701.5, 247.7)
Metselah (485.8, 1004.7)
  • Merchant: Fine Food and Drinks
Min-tep (604.5, 567.6)
Mutya (491.2, 1042.3)
Nekhbet (480.3, 1002.9)
  • Merchant: Fine Potions
Nektep (641.1, 563.0)
  • Merchant: Fine Potions
Ngozi (619.2, 582.1)
Nivenah (456.8, 984.6)
Old Man Naboth (985.4, 1479.5)
Oracle of Derketo (1294.6, 682.1)
Pharsis (462.5, 976.4)
Sadeh (510.4, 1004.7)
Sahure (1296.7, 672.9)
Sebak (542.5, 100.1)
Semira (453.3, 1216.0)
Seth-Ur (545.8, 102.0)
Shabaka (877.1, 777.7)
Shadure (647.7, 591.2)
Shapatria (534.3, 1034.0)
Shath-Hoten (1259.9, 672.9)
Suqada (672.8, 599.9)
Tailor (660.5, 530.2)
Tapi (673.1, 525.4)
  • Merchant: Fine Weapons
Thrrkal (786.3, 49.6)
Ummon (535.7, 100.8)
Zahir (648.6, 585.4)
Ziyad (1259.9, 672.9)

Media Edit

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