Rich in fertile meadowlands and at the center of trade in the Hyborian world, Khauran is a petty kingdom of abundant wealth. Khauran is well ruled by nobles of Kothic descent, the Askhaurian dynasty. The Khauranian nobles disdain the use of horse but hire mercenary cavalry troops as needed.

In the early ages, Khauran was a free country, but became a principality of Koth for a while, until it again broke free and became an independet, wealthy state.

It is said that the first queen of the Askhaurian dynasty had dealing with an unnamed "fiend of the darkness", and carried his daughter. This placed a curse upon the dynasty so that "Every century a witch shall be born". Each of these witches were named Salome. It was said that there shall always be Salomes, even when the world is ended.

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