Keaira ingame

Keaira in-game

When he saved her from a camp of raiding Vanir invaders in years past, she formed an unbreakable bond of loyalty to the powerful barbarian. Or so it seems. Through the years this bond has grown to become a professional relationship, and she now leads an underground network of spies, thieves and murderers. Don’t be fooled by her voluptuous appearance though, she is as deadly as she is wild in the bedroom. Suffice to say she will go to any length to secure the info she craves and needs, involving both pleasure and unspeakable pain for the poor victims.

Who is she? Edit


As per the very first Creative Brief (and in this Friday Update)

She is a really amazing brunette woman and shaped like a Greek goddess of love, but she is also a cunning thief, sneaking around the rooftops of Tarantia with her deadly bow at night. She should have a cape, and the bow attached to her back when she doesn’t use it for whatever deadly purposes. She should be the key female character driving the marketing art of the game, and she should be stunningly beautiful…She should invoke two of the keywords in our positioning: “sinful” and “lush.

I'm sure you all look forward to meeting her in Age of Conan (well, most of you at least)

Where she can be found Edit

Keaira can be found just inside the entrance to Amphitheater of Karutonia as of implementation of Ymir's Pass in game.

Appearance in Playboy Edit

Keaira appeared nude in the 2007 December issue of Playboy magazine's video game girls section. [1]

Playboy's fantasized description of Keaira:
Captured by an enemy tribe at a young age, Keaira was rescued by Conan himself before he became king. Now the head of an underground spy network, she is the eyes and ears of the Cimmerian ruler. Her dexterity and cunning are matched only by her appetite in the bedroom. Too bad for her lovers that a tryst with Keaira is a death sentence, carried out mere moments after the poor sap reaches for his pipe. Dead men, you see, are famous for their discretion. At least they get to taste heaven before they die. [2]

Real Life Comparisons Edit

Based on pre-release renderings, some people have compared Keaira to Natalie Portman. There is a side by side "separated at birth" style comparison here

Notes Edit


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