Kayleigh "Twinkle" O'Fili is a balladeer who hails from Gunderland. She is found in Kheshatta, near the entrance.

When asked about where she is from, and who she really is, she responds:

"Will you write a history of me? I hail from the forests of Gunderland, far to the north. I am the third daughter to a small noble from a tiny principality. My wanderings have brought me far south to Stygia."

When initially talking to her, she might randomly re
cite one of these three ballads:


"The ghost kings are marching; the midnight knows their tread.

From the distant, stealthy planets of the dim, unstable dead;

There are whisperings on the night-winds and the shuddering stars have fled."


"Now we are with roaming, evermore;

No more the oars, the windy harps refrain;

Nor crimson pennant frights the dusky shore;

Blue girdle of the world, receive again.

Her whom thou gavest me."


"Anchored round the harbors, anchored mile on mile,

Ships and ship and shades of ships fading in the haze...."

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