KTT Damage Meter, KoS, Timers, & SoundsEdit

Application Details

This is a log parsing engine that offers a automated Kill On Sight list and real-time Combat Stats.

Kill On Sight List

This alerts you when someone you have listed gets in range of you. When that name shows up in the combat log, the in-sight list will display the name.

If they are afk or sneak up to you without generating log traffic, they will go undetected. At the same time, if they are over the hill killing something you will be alerted and may not even be able to see them.

It will also auto add gankers for the session. If they have killed you more than you have killed them, they get put on the list automatically. If you want to make the name permanent, you just have to drag and drop it down to the next category.

Any name you manually add to the list will stay on the list even after you quit the program.

Combat Stats

The combat stats will offer several views that will be useful for different types of people.

Solo Your Stats gives you combat and XP details. It gives you dps and xp per hour. If you set it up right, it will also count down the time until your next level.

Running DPS gives you your DPS for each encounter. This allows you to try different attacks, combos, and cast sequences while you are grinding and see how they stack up.

All of your abilities are broken out into individual totals. Every target you kill and that kill you is also listed as separate breakdowns.

Group Not only can you tell how much damage and dps each member does, you can also get the same stats for healing. Raid leaders will be able to tell who each healer is healing and who each person was healed by.

Combat time is tracked individually for each person. Every death is tallied up. And group members are displayed differently from targets.

Other Features You have 2 options for generating reports from the right click menus. The first one generates the current view into a report. The top 10 reports the top 10 on a few pre selected views that are ideal for one click raid stat reporting. After you generate the report, type /KTTreport in-game and the details will be posted to the window you chatting in.

You also have the option to reset the stats on the fly and to add people to the KOS list from the Combat Stats window.


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