- Compacted to use minimal screen space for maximum info - 13 x 4 action buttons - all keybindable - Full buff display for player and target - Relocated and larger concealment gem - Background area for chat windows - Chat window borders smaller and default window docks to bottom left corner - Various graphical fluff removed from top of screen - XP bar reduced in size to allow more screen space

Info and Tips

For setting up keybindings the bars are layed out like this: [2nd extra bar 1-13] [1st extra bar 1-13] [Mainbar 1-12] (13 is not keybindable currently due to UI limitation) As with the default UI, holding alt will switch the bottom bar a secondary bar. The center three buttons will correspond to 6, 7 and 8 in your keybindings. Chat windows reduced to minimum height should now fit perfectly with 12 lines of text (small font) into the background. Left window can be positioned correctly by making it docked. Right window can be positioned correctly by dragging it over the bottom right of screen and relogging. Recommended settings are to have font size on smallest and make the border of the chat windows transparent in UI options.

Future Plans

Group and pet windows are next on my list to sort out.

Release Notes 0.6a

Well this is a big update! I had to do a lot of hacking with the UI to get all the changes I wanted (concealment gem was a real pain), everything seems to work OK but I've called this an alpha as I haven't had a chance to test it extensively (or in pvp or groups). - Bottom bars compacted and reduced in size a bit for those with lower resolutions - Trashed and redid minimap - Trashed and redid XP bar so it takes up only 2 pixels at the bottom of the screen (no fresh kills counter just mouseover it to see) - Concealment gem revamped and relocated to a more useful place - Removed a lot of unnescessary gfx from the top of the screen - Relocated help button out of the way - Redesigned lag meter and made it slightly smaller - Changed colour of stamina bar a bit to make the text easier to read although it's still not too clear - Trimmed instance change button and stuck it in the top right of minimap out of the way - Probably more I've forgotten!


- Backup aoc/cd_image/gui/ folder - Remove any other custom GUI that changes portraits, bars, hud or chat this will not work with them - Copy GUI folder from zip into aoc/cd_image/ directory


- Delete aoc/cd_image/gui/ folder and copy in backed up version

Current VersionEdit

K-UI v.0611b

External LinksEdit

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