Jiang ShiEdit


The Jiang Shi are a rumor and a myth, though a persistent one. They are said to be creatures that were once human, but are created when a person’s soul fails to leave their body. They are said to live forever and feed upon the souls of men.

The truth of the Jiang Shi is that they are humans who have been infected by a curse and subsequently changed. The change drives some Jiang Shi insane, leading them to become feral beasts that attack anybody that enters their territory.

The more intelligent Jiang Shi live among the people of Khitai, in their villages and cities, carrying out their daily lives as if nothing has changed. But their lives are uncertain at best, for even the slightest rumor is enough to condemn them to being burnt as a Jiang Shi.

Recently rumor hold that a small village of Jiang Shi can be found in Kara Korum huddled at the edge of the empire just as the Jiang shi have always been huddled at the edge of society.


Northern GrasslandsEdit

Kara KorumEdit

Chosain ProvinceEdit


Armor SetsEdit

  • None

Faction WeaponEdit

  • None

Faction Items & AccessoriesEdit

Refuge of the Jiang Shi, Kara Korum (990, 1180)Edit


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