Pre-Tortage - Levels 1-6 Edit

  • Talk to Casilda, kill the Smuggler with the key
  • Continue down the beach. Kill all the Smugglers and all the Crocodiles on that side of the lagoon.
  • There's a chest in the water near the sunken prow of the ship. Pick that up while you're swimming across the lagoon to kill the rest of the crocodiles.
  • You should be able to hit level 3 before you even leave the beach.
  • Once "Casilly" is following you, squeaking and clapping like an almost-trained monkey, there's a boss on the left with a chest, and a second boss on the right.
  • Once you have the Gaffer's Hook (or other suitable upgraded headsmasher.) that you might want to hit things with for the remainder of the beach quests, stop looting and just go go go until you get to the Demons. Loot the Demon Blood. Other than that, You're definitely not going to hurt your end-game by skipping out on the the 3-4 copper that vendoring this crap will get you in exchange for just burning through it to "just get the fuck to Tortage already".
  • Everything else before you hit Tortage Proper is straightforward. If you can't figure it out, take your tiny brain and go back to CS:S.
  • Protip: Even though you're powering through this section, listen to every scrap of Saddur Dialog. You'll never be so glad to kill someone in your life.
  • Once Casilda bails on you, Head straight down the path to the gate, and talk to Laranga.
  • Laranga tell you to talk to the Stoneworker, who tells you to get him some heavy assed stonebricks in the best Scottish accent, ever. Oddly enough, when you're carrying the bricks, they don't slow you down at all.
  • The Stonemason will break your chains. In Beta, there was this awesome third-person animation (from a more distant camera, overlooking the scene) of you kneeling in front of the rock near him, one arm on either side of it, while he broke your "bracelets", but it's gone now, and I'm sad. He still swings the hammer, but you're standing there like a tool.
  • Talk to Laranga again.
  • Protip: Listen to Laranga this time. Best line of dialog in the game.
  • You can now enter Tortage. My best "sprint" time to get to this point so far is 22 minutes, 30 seconds, on a Ranger. I just used Sweep and Slam.

Tortage - Levels 6-21 Edit

Tortage is pretty straightforward, and you can do the content in more or less any order you choose. I've stayed "dayside" doing as many quests as I can, I've gone 'nightside' right away, and it hasn't made much difference by the time you get out to the mainland. I've left as soon as I could at 18, I've stayed until 20, and I've had (admittedly completionist) friends stay until 21, almost 22. It doesn't seem to matter much in the end.

  • Protip: Go ahead and be "completionist" about it and finish every quest of every questline you can find. Even if the quest is "gray" to you (there was a patch which changed this so you did not get XP from grey quests, but another patch reset this back, so this is still true - you get xp for grey quests), you still get full XP for turning it in, and NOT completing it means leaving THOUSANDS of XP in Tortage that you're going to wish you had when you're grinding to get to the next level to transmute that silver quest exclamation point into gold.

6/10/08: This trip through, we did Dayside to level 6, Nightside until we were at the "Climb The Volcano" quest objective for "Volcano II" at level 11. We thought we were a bit low, so we quested Dayside.

6/30/08: On my Bear Shaman, I did Dayside to 6, Nightside to 13.45, then Dayside to 15. I should have spent longer killing things I didn't need to in the Volcano in Awakening II.

Conall's Valley - Levels 22-26 Edit

We worked our way about halfway down the valley (to just before it starts climbing into the hills on the way to the Field of the Dead.) We did every quest up to killing the weakened folks, and killing the boss in the tent, then moved on.

Wild Lands of Zelata - Levels 27-32 Edit

Black Pyramid Instance - Khopshef Province - Levels 30-32 Edit

  • Set your Path to Bubshur in Khopshef when you arrive. It's a 3.5 minute run from the vendors to the Instance. You'll be doing that run a lot.
  • Fight your way past the Mantises and go upstairs to the final room. Everything in the room spawns fairly quickly, there's a boss that drops a Green Item every time you kill him, and there's some "breathing room" behind you just outside the room for when you need a short break. Watch for patrols from behind, however.

Old Tarantia Sewers - Level 32Edit

Wild Lands of Zelata - Levels 35-36 Edit

Sanctum of the Lost Souls - Levels 37-39 Edit

Noble District of Old Tarantia - Levels 39-40 Edit

Field of the Dead, (Camps 1, 2, and 3) - Levels 40-47 Edit

  • There is a MASSIVE pile of quests to do here. Work your way east, one camp at a time. Take the repeatable 'WANTED' quests any time you happen to be in a camp. They give around 3000 XP, and you don't have to turn them in - you get the reward when the quest is complete.

Field of the Dead, The Suck Zone - Levels 47.0 - 50.0 Edit

You'll eventually run out of quests to do in Field of the Dead, probably right at the foot of level 47. Welcome to The Suck Zone.

  • Bind at the Beacon Camp
  • There are 4 repeatable quests available from Wanted Posters here. Grab them all
  • You'll see on your map that you have quest zones visible for 4 camps on your map. We're going to work them in a counter-clockwise direction approximately 12 times to get to level 50.
  • Exit the camp near the short spiky fence to your right (while facing the signs), turning left to hug the side of the mountain to get to the bottom. Faster than using the road.
  • Kill a couple bears on the way to the first Aztel Camp.
  • Continue around the loop of 4 camps, completing each quest along the way.
  • When you get to the end, you may have 6 minutes or so left on your PoA - just keep killing stuff. We did it this direction because it sets you up for grinding TWO boss kills in the last camp before you PoA.

DESSSSSTINY - Level 50 Edit

Go do your Destiny Quest. This should carry you to 51.

Eiglophian Mountains - Cannibal Cave Grinding - Level 51-55Edit

  • Bind at Dinog (since that's where the Vendor is).
  • Find a Buddy. (Just one)
  • Head to the Cannibal Caves NE of the Mountain Hunting Lodge.
  • Grind to your heart's content. You should be able to make clockwise loops of the joint, then use your Path of Asura whenever your bags are full, sell, come straight up the mountain (go to the switchback, then run up the icy part of the mountain. Yes, you can get up there. When you get to the road, head east, then north, to get back to the cave.)
  • As you get closer to 55, you'll find you can outpace the respawns. Start going down into the middle of the cave, and coming back up.
  • Finally, as you hit 55, you'll outpace even that. Time to move on.

Noble District Arena Quests Level 55.0 to 55.85Edit

This is where you get your first Epic Weapon. A Shield, A Dagger, or A Sword. *happy smile*

Eiglophian Mountains - Dinog and Mountain Lodge Questing - Level 55-58Edit

Now that you're level 56 (just a few kills once you come back here), you'll find quite a few quests available. Take advantage of the fact that even Green (and Gray) quests still give you full turn-in experience.

  • If you pick every quest available at Dinog and the ones at the Mountain Hunting Lodge, you'll get 226,780 XP, which will be 60% of the level, not counting any XP you get for kills at all.
  • Do the Nera quests at 448,997 ASAP, since there are quest items you need for Book III of that quest that drop off things you kill for other quests.
  • Once you've done most of these, you'll find some more to do to the northwest of the Mountain Hunting Lodge. Most of them will be VERY easy for you. This will get you to 58.
  • At 58.5 we ran out of quests (save 2 group quests) and bugged the fuck out for Thunder River.

Thunder River Level 58.5 - 59.5 Edit

  • This is where we are now.
  • Decent questing in Thunder River, but it petered out pretty quick.

Atzel's Approach - Level 59.5 - 60 Edit


  • Farm Gear - There is a boss (not the main boss) who drops a blue item every time. They sell for 5-20 Silver on Hyperborea. To farm the gear:
    • Find a partner (just one)
    • Enter the instance,
    • The first time, Kill the final boss, but do not pick up the Medallion.
    • Kill the boss who drops the Blues (you'll figure it out in short order).
    • Drop your group.
    • Exit the instance.
    • Alternate who does the inviting. This will reset the mobs inside.
  • Even without farming gear, you're gaining 1300+ XP per kill, with no competition from other players, and no worries about repop times. Kill everything, then reset.
  • Sadly, the ability to duo this dungeon was nerfed on 6/23/08.

Atzel's Approach - Level 61.5 - 72 Edit

You can get here through Lachiesh Plains. Quest Hubs by Entrance and at the First Rez point. Quests will start becoming scarse. So you may have to grind some on one of the few camps I will mention below:

Atzel's Approach 60-65: Vanir Camps - Before Skammestein. 65-69: Vanir Camps - Skammestein. 69-73: Vanir Camps - Fortress.

Keshetta Level 72 - 80 Edit

You can get here through Purple Lotus Swamp. A few quests to do here, although I suggest saving them for level 79. Can easily knock out half a level through the quests at 79. AoE grind alot here, look below on locations.

Keshetta 73-76: Cohort Camp - SE of Entrance. 76-80: Death Master Camp - SE of Main Town.

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