Personal inventory space consist of three tabs - Bag, Quest and Resource. Items can also be stored at the Trader storage space or Guild Bank. Storage and inventory space can be expanded by using a Backpack and purchasing Storage Expansion slots.

Personal InventoryEdit


All items except Tradeskill Resources and Quest Items can be stored in a Bag inventory tab (24 slots). Bag space can be increased by using a Backpack.


All Quest items goes into Quest inventory tab (48 slots).


Resource inventory tab (48 slots) is reserved for Tradeskill Resources.

Trader StorageEdit

Trader NPCs can be found in all major hubs and other settlements around Hyboria.

Store and SellEdit

Items can be stored at the Trader's Store and Sell tab - Bank (50 slots). Items put up for sale occupy the storage slots until they are sold, the same applies to items sent via Postal Service. The storage can be increased by purchasing up to 300 additional Storage Expansion slots in the Item Shop.

Guild BankEdit

Guild Bank is a storage space (50 slots) shared between all guild members. Guild Bank tab can be found at the Trader.

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