16th March 2008
The staff AoC/JoL and users of the forum JoL had the possibility of putting about fifteen questions to Pharamond.
Here are his answers.

2 December 2007 Interviews Funcom's Erling Ellingsen at Dreamhack.
Watch the videos here

17 November 2007 has a short interview with Jørgen Tharaldsen. You can watch the interview here!

02 November 2007

RPG Vault over at IGN has made an interview with Gaute Godager, the game director of Age of Conan. The interview is done i 3 parts. Part 1-Part 2

30 October 2007

TenTonHammer has made an interview with Jørgen Tharaldsen, product director for Funcom, about the Dark Templar class. Check out the interview here! When it comes to the role of the Dark Templar in the bigger storyline of Hyboria, it is a great archetype from lore and one we’ve worked hard on so players can enjoy the role of a sorcerous warlord from the Hyborian age.

Jason small
18 June 2007

Curse Gaming has made a video interview with Jason Stone. He shows off some combat scenes from the game, containing a lot of blood. Watch it [ here on Curse Gaming.] -- dead link removed --

14 Jun 2007

Age of Conan on Warcry has made an exclusive interview with Age of Conan Game Director Gaute Godager. You can read the interview here.

Pal frogner hansen
06 Jun 2007

WarCry had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Project Director Pål Frogner Hansen and pick his brain about the game. Check it out! ... [Read more]

31 May 2007

Morten Sorlie, audio director for Funcom talks about his job. Read more

30 May 2007 Pål Frogner Hansen is the Project Director of Age of Conan. Here is an interview about the more technical side of the game.Read more

28 May 2007

Jørgen Tharaldsen, Product Director at Funcom, gives us a rundown on how the game is going, broaching such topics as weapons, crafting, PvP, the use of violence and gore, and more. Read more

Jason small
30 Feb 2007

For the month of February, the people of sat down with Designer Jason Stone for to talk about his life -- on and off work. ...

Read more

Didrik thumb
30 Jan 2007

For the month of January, the people of sat down with Funcom's Art Director Didrik Tollefsen for an interesting chat about work and life in general. ...

Read more

29 Jan 2007

Take a look at the new Age of Conan interview available in both an English and a German version at ...

Read more

Thomasw t
02 Jan 2007

For the month of December, the people of sat down with Funcom's world designer Thomas Wollbekk for an interesting chat about work and life in general. ...

Read more

20 Dec 2006

Gaute Godager, the Game Director of Age of Conan, recently sat down with ActionTrip to talk about the game. Check it out, and also see three new exclusive screenshots! ...

Read more

Heidi thumb
24 Nov 2006

Content designer Heidi Schmidt at Funcom is spending much of her days working on Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. But what did she do before she came here, and how did she get here? Get the answers here. ...

Read more

AoC small
02 Nov 2006

The folks over at caught up with Community Manager Craig Morrison to talk about Age of Conan....

Read more

Ole Herbjornsen
13 Oct 2006

Age of Conan lead designer, Ole Herbjørnsen, sat down with to talk about both personal life and professional -- both which revolve around games...

Read more

Gautegodager2 jpg
25 Sep 2006

The folks at caught up with Game Director Gaute Godager to discuss what kind of head smashing you will be able to engage in with Age of Conan!...

Read more

24 Sep 2006

We sat down to talk with Split Infinitiy Radio about Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, and covered areas such as the storytelling in the game. ...

Read more

30 Jun 2006

The folks at sat down with Game Director Gaute Godager to find out more about Age of Conan...

Read more

09 Jun 2006

Want to get an insight into what goes into making the soundtrack and music for a game like Age of Conan? Wonder no longer as we grab some time with the man behind the music!...

Read more

Gautegodager2 jpg
04 May 2006

The folks over at sat down with Game Director Gaute Godager for the latest on Age of Conan ...

Read more

03 Feb 2006

We caught up with Jeff Mariotte, author of the new novel trilogy Age of Conan: Marauders to find out a little about what its like to be working on the Conan license! ...

Read more

Terjelundberg jpg
01 Dec 2005

MMOG Welten got some time with Lead Artist Terje Lundberg ...

Read more

14 Oct 2005

Game Director Gaute Godager reveals a little more about Age of Conan to ...

Read more

Interview from Written by RogueSlayer Friday, 30 June 2006

"PVP seems to be a large part of Age of Conan. Is PVP being added as a main aspect of the game or, can one play the game and enjoy the content without having to take part in PVP action?"

Interview from By Allen 'Delsyn' Rausch , April 25, 2006

"It's all about the balance, Gaute Godager says to me as he pulls the curtain closed on a nondescript conference room."

Another interview from By Miguel Lopez , May 12, 2006

"If you punch a camel in the face on an empty street and you happen to be deaf, do its cries really make a sound? I can't answer that. I am, however, quite certain that Age of Conan will allow me to do this if I'm so inclined."

Interview from By Justin Fenico , May 04, 2006

"I have to be honest, the first moment I heard “Conan” announced; I really thought you guys were going to recreate some sort of Saturday morning cartoon. Looking at the screenshots I can tell I was a bit mistaken. Care to tell me and our readers how far off the track I was and what Hyborian Adventures is really about?"

Interview from RPG Vault By Dan Adams , May 18, 2006

Crom is coming to kick your lilly ass! is what RPG Vault has to say, after they have had a meeting with Gaute Godager - Game Director of Age of Conan.

[ Interview from] By Scott Steinberg -- dead link removed --

"In previous interviews, we focused only on melee combat. But Conan was so much more than just a swordsman. He was a womanizer, a thief, a king, a knight, a leader and expert archer ... "

Interview from By Karen Hertzberg

“The time of Conan was brutal,” says Godager, “so we want the game to show that.” And indeed, things can get a little hardcore. Not only does blood fly when you strike a target, but players and NPCs can even be decapitated. (In other words, yes…heads really will roll in AoC.)"

Interview from By Dana Massey , May 13, 2006

“Combat, combat, combat and that’s basically what the game is all about,” said Gaute Godager of Funcom.

Interwiev from By Matt Cook , May 11, 2006

"I had Conan pegged as a game that would likely die on the vine, going completely AWOL before this year's show (E3)....Oh, how wrong I was!...." I guess that he took wrong?

Interview from By Tim Buckley , May 15, 2006

"A franchise-based MMO that may actually be good? Could be..."

Interview from By SeanMike, May 12, 2006

"One of the more anticipated upcoming MMORPGs right now is Age of Conan – at least, it is among my guild!"

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