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Internal Bleed
Internal Bleed
Available to Bear Shaman

Internal Bleed is an essential ability for Bear Shaman's. Having a short cooldown, a DoT component, and inflicting a Vision effect associated with the active Manifestation.

Manifestations and VisionsEdit

Manifestation of Spirits - Decreases nearby enemies physical and magical damage by 5%.

Vision: World Walker - Causes poison damage over time ending in a burst of unholy damage.

Manifestation of the Forest - Decreases nearby enemies Physical Defenses by 10%

Vision: Tree of Life - Gradually increases the Shaman's Armor and Protection, then bursts into an even larger increase.

Manifestation of Winter - Deals frost damage to nearby enemies.

Vision: Arctic Slumber - Drains the targets stamina and mana, then bursts into a snare.

Manifestation of the Sun - Reduces the Bear Shaman's hate towards enemies. Also reduces enemies incoming healing, health, mana, and stamina regeneration rates.

Vision: Desert Bloom - Inflicts burning damage over time to the target, ending in a damage increase for the Shaman.


Internal Bleed I - Level 5 - 10 second cooldown

Internal Bleed II - Level 24 - 10 second cooldown

Internal Bleed III - Level 36 - 10 second cooldown

Internal Bleed IV - Level 64 - 10 second cooldown

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