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Incubus & SuccubusEdit








Two large demons similar to demonologist pets in skin. These too must be kept apart at all cost if they are allowed to touch they will one hit everyone. This is acheived by splitting the raid into two groups - one to occupy Incubus, and the other to occupy Succubus.

The strategy for Succubus is to let a heavy aggro her and pull her into the right hand alcove. Let the tanks establish aggro, then everyone can attack as able to. At some point she will cast an aoe knock-back spell, and will begin walking towards the centre of the room. Likewise, at the other end of the room, Incubus will start moving towards the centre of the room also. As noted, it is imperitive they do not touch! The outcome would be less than desirable. Hit Succubus with all possible attacks, goads, irritates - whatever it takes to pull her attention back to the group in the right alcove. Once aggro is established, tow her back to the right alcove. It is simply a matter or rinse and repeat at this stage. She will eventually be burnt down, and attention can be turned to Incubus.

Whilst the Succubus fight is being carried out, Incubus can be kited around the table in the left alcove. One tank should be sufficient to maintain the aggro, although it can be swapped as needed, if the tank runs down on health, although decent monitoring of heals should mostly mitigate the need for this. Once Succubus is down in the right alcove, the group there should move into position in the centre of the room. Incubus should be pulled into the centre of the room and it is bascially tank'n'spank. He willl do some fire damage, and he does love the clothies, but it is merely a case of burning him down.

Note: Neither of these bosses drop the box. You musk kill the creatures that pop at thier death - these should go down very quickly though, with no trouble.