Immortal Wrath (spell)

Class Priest of Mitra

Max rank 1
Mana Cost 356 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 0.5 seconds

Recast 120 seconds
Effect -25 % mana cost on following:

Cleansing Fire
Mitra's Searing Eye
Decrease cast time by 1.5 seconds on Mitra's Searing Eye
Decrease cast time by 1.3 seconds on Smite
Decrease cast time by 0.5 seconds on Rebuke

Duration 15 seconds
Reduces the casting time and mana cost of Smite and Mitra's Searing Eye. Rebuke and Cleansing Fire can be cast instantly and also cost less mana. These effects last for 15 seconds.

Related SpellsEdit

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