Imbalayo saw Amra when he led his pirates with Belìt.

Many years later Imbalayo gathered an army of mercenaries and was hired by Akhirom, king of Asgalun, to take the control of the State-Town. Imbalayo and his mercenaries, together with the mercenary Hyrkanian cavalry led by Mazdak and the Anaki troups led by Othbaal, conquered the town, and Akhirom deposed and killed his brother King Uriaz.

After conquering the town, Akhirom maintained his reign thanks to the three armies, but a strong competition arose between Imbalayo, Mazdak and Othbaal.

Imbalayo tried to eliminate one of his rivals and sent Keluka the Swordsman and other three men to assassinate the General Mazdak. The mission was foiled by Conan and Mazdak. The latter took a ring belonging to Keluka and shortly after helped Conan to kill Othbaal then put the ring near the cadaver to accuse Imbalayo.

Meanwhile Rufia fled from the Othbaal murder scene and was captured by King Akhirom. The King was near to madness and Rufia convinced him he was a god. The King claimed that the old Pteor's religion was blasphemous and that he was the only god in Asgalun. When the soldiers killed the old priest Abdashtarth the people present rebelled and Imbalayo with his cavalry had to assault the crowd and kill the rebels.

The Keluka's ring was found and the swordsman was accused of Othbaal's death. Imbalayo declared he knew nothing about him but the Anaki shouted in the streets that Imbalayo was the principal.

Imbalayo was called by Akhirom. Imbalayo didn't fear any man but he was very cautious with Akhirom. Mad and bored, the King gave Rufia to Imbalayo. The Darfar was really happy to take the woman but after few minutes he met Zeriti, the sorceress, Akhirom's ex-concubine. Zeriti demanded the woman, and Imbalayo refused but when she menaced him to confirm the rumors that Imbalayo had had Othbaal killed, the Darfar unwittingly accepted.

After a little while the people rebelled. The revolt spread all over Asgalun.

Imbalayo understood that all was lost and went to Zeriti's rooms to bring back Rufia with him. He found the two women. Zeriti had triggered an enchantment and attacked him with a knife but he stabbed her with his sword. A moment after Conan entered in the room. Imbalayo recognized Amra and Conan attacked him. Imbalayo defended himself and succeeded in breaking Conan's blade. Conan threw the half-sword at Imbalayo who dodged it, but Conan managed to pick Zeriti's knife. Imbalayo was performing the final attack when a cloud of smoke with the eye in the darkest part of it enveloped Imbalayo. The Darfar called Ajujo's name but soon his voice missed. The smoke-demon disappeared and Imbalayo's body became flaccid, on the floor, deprived of his bones and blood. Shortly later Mazdak saw his cadaver, he claimed himself the leader of the insurrection and conquered Asgalun.

Source(s): marvunapp

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