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Resplendent sun-strider

The Hyrkanian Horse is another ridable mount purchasable when you reach Rank 4 with the Hyrkanian faction. They can be used for combat and for day to day travel. Your horse, for example, can be controlled to kick with its front or hind legs when in combat, and you can fight or cast spells from its back. Each mount will grant his or her rider buffs in stats, for instance the horse can be equipped with armour which will buff your characters overall armour.

Type of Horse Level Requirement Cost & Stats
Hyrkanian Grim Skull-Treader  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

Hyrkanian Dread Ash-Tramper  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

Hyrkanian Bitter Wind-Biter  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

Hyrkanian Wicked Chaos-Clapper  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

Hyrkanian Resplendent Sun-Strider  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

Hyrkanian Pale Ghost-Chaser  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

Hyrkanian Fleet Scream-Catcher  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

Hyrkanian Sable Shadow-Dasher  40

3 Gold 5 Silver

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