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The House of CromEdit

House of Crom is a massive new location, with a lot of great new content for maximum level players to enjoy. Hidden for centuries beneath the scarred mountains of the Cimmerian north, this epic location brings with it many new dynamic encounters, new loot, and a new social dungeon for multiple groups to enjoy!

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While you might be deceived into thinking that this is 'just another dungeon', this location will surprise those who dare to venture into its halls with its massive scope and epic, if weathered, grandeur. The halls of the House of Crom have clearly seen better days, and many a secret has been buried amid their ruins, now players may embark on a series of adventures to uncover those mysteries and unlock those secrets.

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Exploring the massive hallsEdit

Inside the two House of Crom dungeons, players will revisit what remains of the temple created by the Atlanteans, and discover for themselves what happened thousands of years ago. House of Crom is actually made up of two vast dungeons. One social dungeon that supports multiple groups at the same time, and one six man dungeon. These areas are the largest indoor dungeons we have created to date, and there is a lot of great gameplay and encounter crammed into the ancient halls.

The Threshold of DivinityEdit

This is a social dungeon for up to four six-player groups for max level characters with nine separate encounters. Sent to aid the Cimmerians in driving out the Vanir desecrators, they will fight enemies both old and new, solve ancient mysteries, and learn the truth behind the House of Crom, and what happened there. And they might find that some puzzles are better left unsolved.

Having this operate as a social dungeon there will also be some challenges that require co-ordination across groups, these won't be essential to your experience, but they will offer a very different gameplay experience and some of the best moments this dungeon offers...if you can figure out the mysteries involved!

Having a multiple group settings also introduces a lot of cool new mechanics that we can play with, and will involve players approaching these challenges differently than they would a private instance. It should offer a very different experience to the other private instances that have been introduced over the last year.

The Vile NativityEdit

This is a six-player group dungeon for maximum level players. There are seven encounters in all; two of them optional. From the long-forgotten library where the Atlantean scholars once studied, to the treasury room where the wealth of Atlantis, was locked away, we are offering players a dungeon rich in lore and storytelling. Those who seek it could perhaps even learn snippets of the Atlantean language for themselves, unlocking even more clues into the history of the fall of Atlantis. Expect to experience everything from dodging explosions to working with unexpected allies; gargantuan foes to cryptic Atlantean riddles. It's really a cool game-play experience that matches the location perfectly.

There is are some secrets locked away in the House of Crom that will require some thought and exploration to unlock, but doing so will lead to the greatest rewards the dungeon has to offer.

The location is suitably epic, the game-play is intriguing and tells lot of interesting stories. The development team are really looking forward to seeing how players approach the challenges within. We can't wait for players to get to experience what has been done there.

Loot and rewardEdit

There are a host of new items available inside the House of Crom, from multiple full sets of dungeon level Atlantean armor sets, new medallions and rings, through new epic cloaks, all the way up to a brand new set of epic weapons that can be attained by unlocking the most closely guarded secrets, that the dungeon has protected for millennia.

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Visually the loot takes it's cue's from the ancient Atlantean culture, with its geometric shapes, circles and harsh angles.

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Hoc ghastly

Hoc new weapons

Hoc unutterable

Hoc writhing

Entering House of CromEdit

You find the entrance to House of Crom in the 'Field of the Dead' playfield.

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