The Horns of Shushtu were a remarkable mountain complex in the Black Lands. The tops terminate in two nearly identical crags. One is colored black, and the other one white. To the west of the Horns of Shushtu lies a great, vast and inhospitable desert. There are few waterholes, and far between them, although one permanent oasis lies a day and a half march from the mountains.

There is a pass which runs between the twin crags and the ruins of an ancient road lies there. Stone walls lie vertical along the road and these are covered with pre-Pythonic hieroglyphs and pre-human carvings. To the east of the Horns of Shushtu is a large temperate plateau. Here lies the cyclopean ruins of a city of Acheron. The center of the plateau is a depressed valley, with all the mountain streams running into and forming a broad, dark lake. There are ruins of a city built by prehistoric snakemen which lies to the west of the lake. A colony of Acheronian refugees built New Python on top of these ruins. There are also ruins of a stronghold on the eastside of the lake. Beneath this stronghold lies the treasure of Python,which was the ancient capital of Acheron.

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