Hood of Jagged Barbs

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Hood of Jagged Barbs

Medium Armor

Not Tradable

+7.9 Defense Rating
-1% Hate Modifier
+0.8 Immunity
+40 Hiding
+40 Perception
+0.2% Piercing Invulnerability
+0.2% Crushing Invulnerability
+0.3% Cold Invulnerability
+0.3% Fire Invulnerability
+0.3% Electric Invulnerability
+0.3% Holy Invulnerability
+0.3% Unholy Invulnerability
+2.2 Attack Rating Proficiency
+2.2 Heroic Defense Bonus
+2.2 Resist Rating Proficiency
+6 Knockback Resistance
Chance on getting damage, Envenoming Revenge on target
Chance on getting damage, Envenoming Guard on self

Drops from Vistrix in Dragons Lair.

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