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Holy Vengence
Rank 0/5

With this feat trained, Casting Wave of Life grants a damage buff to Magic Damage (Holy) called Holy Vengance. This buff starts at 5 stacks which gradually fades.

Holy Vengance is a Priest of Mitra tier 2 feat located in the Vengance tree

Rank 1

  • Grants the Holy Vengance buff to the priest when the priest cast Wave of Life.

Rank 2/3/4/5

  • Increases the bonus of the Holy Vengance buff by 100/200/300/400%.

Holy Vengance buff DetailsEdit

  • Each stack lasts 3 seconds (so the the 5 stacks last 15 seconds in total).
  • Casting Wave of Life won't renew the Holy Vengance buff if there's already a Holy Vengance buff active on the priest.
  • The following table shows the bonus Magic Damage (Holy) with 5 stacks and 1 point invested in this feat.
Level 15 80
Base Damage ? 17

Related spellsEdit

Wave of Life

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