Holy Cleansing (spell)

Class Priest of Mitra
Level first available 70
Max rank 1
Mana Cost 285 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Self Centered Area Spell
Range  ?
Casting Time 0.5 seconds
Attack Rating Magic Damage (holy)
Recast 2 minutes 30 seconds
Effect Grants the Holy Cleansing buff to everyone in the team within range.
Grants the Holy Storm buff to the priest.

Duration Both buffs: 10 seconds.
The Holy Cleansing spell place a buff called Holy Cleansing on everyone in the team of the priest within range, in addition to granting the Holy Storm buff to the Priest. The Holy Cleansing buff increases both the Poison and Unholy Invulnerability by 200% and pulse magic holy damage from each target every second. The base damage of this spell is increased by 100% if Divine Halo is active on the priest.

Holy Cleansing is a Priest of Mitra spell which can be gained by training the feat Holy Cleansing in the Divinity tree.

Holy Cleansing buff DetailsEdit

Level 70 80
Base Spell Damage 15 17
Mana 251 285
  • Holy Cleansing gains 0.125 damage per +Magic Damage (Holy) per hit.
  • Pets and totems are also affected by this buff.

Holy Storm buff DetailsEdit

  • Holy Storm is a buff which reduce the cast time of the Condemnation spell by 3 seconds, while reducing the damage intervals by 0.5 seconds (effectively making the spell cast at double speed).

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