This page lists possible and/or popular Herald of Xotli feat builds, of which many have several variants. Get the same key talents and everything else is left to be personalized with the player's style. If you are having trouble deciding, look to other Heralds for advice Note: Do not post personalized builds unless they are dramatically different than an existing or popular build.

The Feat TreesEdit

The three possible trees in which to place your feat points are; Avatar, Possession, and the general Mage tree, which is shared by all Mage classes.

Avatar: Focuses on increasing damage from melee attacks and increasing the power of your demon form, well known for its Fire Lance.

Possession: This tree focuses on increasing the amount of fire damage you can deal from spells. Also contains skills that could prove useful in PvP.

Mage: The tree shared by all Mage classes, focuses augmenting defenses and increasing the low survivability of the Mage classes.

Level 80 BuildsEdit

Avatar Edit


41/38/0 v1 and 41/38/0 v2 These two builds are the standard hybrid build between Avatar and Possession. (Put under Avatar since the majority of the feat points are in Avatar.) Version 1 allows for quick stamina recharge with the Demonic Fortitude spell, which might be crucial in the heat of combat, while verson 2 gives more damage out put. The strong points of this build is in the combination of Avatar of Xotli / Desecrating Essence and Horrible Visage of Xotli, which allows for a great amount of aoe crowd control and its quick high damage Fire Lance combo. This build is best for mass pvp, because of all the crowd control, which have given the Herald of Xotli its status as an overpowered class.




0/56/23 This build is a heavy Possession based build, which offers great fire damage, and great crowd control resistance. It loses out to the hybrid build, in that it only has one stun on a two minutes cooldown, but for dueling and solo pvp this build is very solid. It is based on the fear resistance from Chains of Anguish and root resistance from Purge. Although this build have more spells than the hybrid build, your combos are still your main source of burst damage, and should not be neglected for Flame Lash during combat, there are of course exceptions. These spells are simply for aoe situations and to kill off kiters in pvp.



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